We are a group of award-winning individuals based in Atlanta, Georgia, focused on pulling together resources to produce creative video projects.  We all have day jobs in the industry, which include media creation for big brands and big companies.  However we also love to work on passion projects we create for fun: short films, music videos, documentaries, and experimental visual projects. We love creating, and we love creatives.  Contact us, let’s work together.

How can we collaborate?

We like collaborating on the following processes:

We Think

We spend time talking with people, brainstorming, researching, and pitching ideas. There are so many innovative works out there today, we think about how to stand out.

We Write

We spend time crafting scripts and creating interesting material. Through table reads, revisions, and feedback we make sure it connects with others.

We Shoot

We love all aspects of the creative process, but production is one of our favorites! We have a network of professional crew that we work with frequently.

We Grow

We are always excited to find new creatives interested in joining our collective. A resource pool for creatives in Atlanta, no strings attached.